Home Task Pros specializes in the three most important aspects of house maintenance: gutters, roofing, and decks. We have you covered from the smallest repairs to the largest installations.

Although Home Task Pros has experience in all trades of home repair and installation, we chose the three home maintenance components that are most important. Our gutters, roofs, and decks are not only easy on the eyes, they are also made from the finest materials available and installed by a dedicated crew that has a passion for what they do.

Call us today for a quote. We can’t wait to get started looking after your home!


Our minds are behind the gutters that are essential for preservation of your house. We provide 5″ and 6″ gutters that protect the home from land erosion, siding damage, wet basements, and other damage. Choose from a wide variety of colors to customize the gutters so that they fit the look of your home. Gutters are a fundamental, small investment that can save your house from sizable and expensive damage.

However, gutters can’t work properly if they’re clogged with leaves. This is why Home Task Professionals sells and installs gutter covers, which will save you the hassle and danger of climbing up on a ladder to clean gutters.


Home Task Professionals can install, replace, and repair the roof on your house. It’s important to have a healthy roof protecting the precious contents inside your home. Our roofs are installed and repaired in a professional and timely matter.

We can also inspect your roof for storm damage. If roof damage goes undetected for a long period of time, it will shorten the life of your roof and result in leaking, cracking, granule loss, and could void the manufacturer’s warranty. Home Task Professionals can come inspect your roof and repair any damage before it becomes a problem.


Nothing beats a warm summer night spent barbecuing on your beautiful deck from Home Task Professionals. We have years of experience creating, installing, and repairing decks of all shapes and sizes.

We can install low-maintenance railing systems and composite decking. We build each deck with the highest quality fasteners and standards. There are endless ways to build a deck to fit your needs and desires!


Along with installing gutters, roofing, and decks, Home Task Professionals can do a variety other tasks, including home remodeling, maintenance, handyman services, home inspections, and radon testing.

Home Task Professionals work with a variety of skilled tradesmen to complete any job. We have created a great relationship with our tradesmen so we can get the job done with the highest quality craftsmanship in a timely manner. Call us today to discuss any projects you are looking to complete or even to knock some of those projects out that have been on your to-do list for what seems like an eternity. We would love to help!

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